Our Co0lest Drink Bottles Yet

When it comes to picking the right drink bottle, we tend to look for these factors

At DrinkbottlesOnly, we supply fantastic ‘foldable drink bottles’ that cater for all your needs. They can be used for all types of beverages, for example

Foldable drink bottles are a great hit on our website! Instead of being heavy, stiff and unflexible, our foldable drink bottles are the complete opposite. Many schools, gyms, day care facilities and resellers order these foldable drink bottles as they are beneficial, inexpensive, convenient and handy. Kids especially love these bottles as it makes drinking water funner! They also come with an attachable karabiner , allowing you to attach these foldable drink bottles to anything you wish.

Our ‘foldable drink bottles’ can be customised to fit your corporate identity such as your name, brand and logo effectively and directly. It will publicise your name and image loud & clear. Foldable drink bottles are also excellent promotional giveaways to your clients and potential clients, as it is a fantastic product that provides you with various uses. Order in bulk units today!

foldable drink bottles

25 June, 2015

The Drink Bottles Team